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Online English language teacher for the Centre for Modern Languages at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Requirements: • University degree. • Post-graduate qualification in Teaching of English as a foreign language/CALL. • Continued professional development in English language teaching/CALL (completion of teacher training courses, participation in workshops/conferences etc.) • Teaching experience with university students/adults. • Experience in distance learning/teaching, especially in virtual learning environments. • Advanced ICT skills (text editors, spreadsheet […]

3rd International Conference on Communicating Across Cultures, 6-7 December 2018, Warsaw, Poland

  REVISITING MULTICULTURALISM AND INTERDISCIPLINARITY IN TODAY’S ACADEMIC COMMUNICATION The purpose of this conference is to create a forum for discussions on changes in the perception of cultural and linguistic identities in an academic environment. It aims to explore the evolution of communication styles taking place in today’s globalized and multicultural societies. We invite representatives from […]

Linguistic recycling: The process of quoting in increasingly mediatized settings

Editors: Lauri Haapanen, University of Jyväskylä, & Daniel Perrin, Zurich University of Applied Sciences The 2020 Issue of AILA Review will focus on practices of quoting. By quoting, we understand the discursive and translingual process of embedding extracts of formerly produced communicational offers in new, emerging communicational offers (Haapanen&Perrin, forth.), be it within or across […]

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