Online English language teacher for the Centre for Modern Languages at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


• University degree.

• Post-graduate qualification in Teaching of English as a foreign language/CALL.

• Continued professional development in English language teaching/CALL (completion of teacher training courses, participation in workshops/conferences etc.)

• Teaching experience with university students/adults.

• Experience in distance learning/teaching, especially in virtual learning environments.

• Advanced ICT skills (text editors, spreadsheet programs, PowerPoint, etc.).

• Experience in the use of online communication tools for online collaborative work (forums, chat, wikis, blogs, Skype or other VoiP applications, etc.).

• Initiative, good communication skills, and ability to work as part of a team in innovative contexts.

• Excellent level of English (native or level C2).

• Basic knowledge of Catalan or Spanish.

To apply, please complete the candidate registration form available at:

Candidates interested in can find more details at:

Deadline for submissions: the deadline for application submissions is 2 May 2018